Water is a big part of your life. It hydrates your community, fuels your workers, and keeps your family healthy.


With over 80 years in the water business, our highly trained local experts are committed to making Culligan the best choice for water treatment and delivery services in Guelph and the surrounding area.

Culligan knows

Guelph water.

Water Softening, Filtration, and Delivery For Your Home

Culligan provides trusted, convenient water softening and filtration technology for families across Guelph.

Our equipment gives you better tasting, safer, softer water which saves you money and gives you peace of mind.

Water & Coffee Delivery For Your Business

It's easy to see why Culligan is trusted by so many businesses. Safety, quality, and great service are our priority, making us a great choice for your business needs.​


Our commercial customers love getting one easy delivery of both water and coffee from an experienced, CBWA certified member with a superior focus on quality & safety.

FREE Water Tests & Equipment Inspections

We all want to know what's in our water. Understanding what is coming out of your taps is important for the life of your appliances, the health of your family, and the cleanliness of your home.


If you have concerns about your household water, our local water experts are ready to test your water, inspect your equipment, and answer your questions--absolutely free.

My girlfriend and I decided to rent a water softener for our condo and received top-notch service from Culligan from start to finish. You can tell that they're genuinely passionate about what they do and will take the time to educate you on their products, benefits, etc. When it came time for our water softener to be installed, the technician was friendly, efficient and gave us a clear overview of how to use/maintain our unit.

Joey Sabljic

via Google reviews

Both Culligan service staff were professional and efficient with prompt service resulting in peace of mind and safe drinking and cooking water from our kitchen under-sink water purification system. The annual service we selected gives us assurance that the water we use is as good as possible from city water supplies. Thanks for a job well done.

Paul-Pablo Polding

via Google reviews

Every part of my experience from initial contact with Culligan Guelph to my first delivery has been very pleasant. From the courteous service in store to the friendliness of the delivery man, I would recommend this company to anyone that wants better water to drink.

Carol Ferrier

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